It’s Time To Suit Up!

This afternoon I opened my mailbox and low and behold, there was a package crammed in there! My heart skipped a beat…can it be?!!  YES. The postmark stated that it came directly from Las Vegas, it is my posing suit!!

Posing Suit in Donloree's Mailbox

It's HERE! It's really here...gulp!

Cue the hallelujah chorus! Excitement and relief filled my veins.

Then I tried it on…fear and panic filled my veins.  Written words and static pictures do not do this justice….

Well, it’s time to suit up and play the game. 11 days from now I will walk on that stage all bedazzled and confident! Watch out world, here comes Donloree!!

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  1. You are too cute. I just gotta say it.

  2. I love the colour!
    The top sounds heavy when you put it on the table!
    So excited for you!!!

    • Totally be-dazzled! It is rather heavy, but that’s good…perhaps it will make it appear as though I have more ‘top’, seeing how that has all disappeared on me! 😉

  3. Kathy Harris says

    Awesome; that put a smile on my face. Exciting.

  4. That doesn’t look NEARLY as ridiculous as I was expecting.

  5. Love that accent! (The bikini isn’t bad either) 😉 lol

  6. OMG too cute – you crack me up – you’re going to look great!!!!

  7. You are SO CUTE!! HAHA – thanks sharing a video-blog this time- that was great 😀 Just have fun out there – I know you’re gonna look great in that bikini!

  8. Go get em girl! Show them what you got!

  9. LOL You are so cute, girl! Remember this, the smaller the bottoms, the smaller the butt looks. Seems kinda weird, but it’s true. 🙂 You’re gonna rock the stage in your suit – it’s beautiful!

  10. Cindy Smith says

    Just remember how many of us who unfortunately won’t be there when you walk across the stage are cheering for you, Donloree. You just have to give it all you got — don’t “leave anything behind”. Loved the video. You have always been someone who can put a big smile on my face. Go get ’em!!!

  11. You will be fabulous. You are ALWAYS fabulous!

  12. Loved the video. You just have to give it all you got. You are ALWAYS fabulous!

  13. Very cool! The video makes my day..Amazing.

  14. Love the video and love your personality. 🙂


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