Don’t tell my husband, but I love another…

I am on a rather focussed diet these days with only moments left before the competition. Every day I only get to eat 90 carbs. For those of you that have no idea what 90 carbs would be it is roughly 1 slice of bread, two carrots, 1 bell pepper, 2 slices of onion, 1 cup of green beans, 1/4 cup quinoa. Everything else I eat is a protein or fat.

Needless to say, I want the tastiest options possible for all the food that I put in my mouth. The calories that I eat have to be exciting and fabulous so that I can savour and enjoy my eating experiences.

I have fallen in love with a very specific bread. One that can only be found at the Italian Market by my house. It is a very elusive bread.  It is rarely there, so if I see it I buy it!

Every single time I go to the Italian Market I am hopeful that there is a loaf there waiting for me to purchase.

Puh-lease let there be a fabulous Black Russian Rye for me to take home and love, aka EAT!

Today my heart sank as I looked at the wall of breads…there was none to be found.

So much bread, but none of it suitable for a Figure Competitor.

Oh but WAIT! What is that lurking behind the whole wheat?!

YES! It is my lucky day!!

One fabulous loaf of Black Russian Rye is tucked away waiting for me to come and take it home! What a glorious day this turned out to be! I quickly grabbed the loaf before anyone else could get it.  I was prepared to throw an elbow if required! After all, they can eat any of the other breads whereas I cannot!

The smell is amazing. And it slices into a bazillion pieces!

When you only eat one slice a day, the loaf lasts almost a whole month!

Such a great taste and is the color of chocolate cake! What more could a woman want?!

It is hard to have self control and refrain from eating several pieces of  it as soon as it is sliced up.

So tempting to just *CHOMP* it!

Luckily before I lost my mind, I remembered the muffin top and put the fabulous Black Russian Rye down. Into Ziploc baggies and the freezer it went so that I can consume it one day at a time, slice by slice.

I am just SO responsible some days....

My heart is content now that my freezer is well stocked with Black Russian Rye!

What is one of your favorite treats that you savour when you get to eat it?

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  1. mmmmmmm, so whats the carb difference between the russian rye and regular bread?

    • The Russian is VERY tasty. 🙂 But it is also less carb dense than most of the other bread. With some of the breads I could kill over a third of my carbs for the day with ONE piece of bread. I vote you get a loaf from the Italian Market – just get there early!!!

  2. mmm….

    I like a glass of wine.

  3. This bread looks amazing : ) would you happen to knwo anyone in the Ottawa area who can help me track this down? or something similar?

    what about low carb bread for post competition so I can start reintroducing back into the diet?

    • I am not sure…There is rye bread all over the place, but I really like the black russian rye because it only has molasses in it to sweeten it a bit. And its a fun color. hah! Pop into a few bakeries and see what they have. I tried some of the low carb breads and stuff when I was done my comp, but I found it just screwed up my brain. Real food, plain and simple, seems to have the best effect and least ramifications for me. 🙂


  1. […] Such anticipation! It was good, but not fabulous. The bread really doesn’t have much to it…after all, how filling can 3 carbs really be? It is GREAT for what it is, but it is nowhere near my beloved black russian rye. […]

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