Real Woman, Real Nemesis

Real women don’t always have it easy.  Life just isn’t like the movies, no matter how much you wish it was.  I don’t wake up air brushed with someone on hand to do my make-up and hair, nor does everything always work out in the end.

I have a nemesis that will not leave me alone.  It is the dreaded Muffin Top.  I have worked hard for 10 months, lost around 35 pounds of fat, and yet my muffin top lingers.  It mocks me and will not cease and desist.

First of all, the posing needs work. Secondly, there is only so much sucking in that can be done. There is no six pack to be found!

This may have something to do with the fact that I used to weigh over 210 pounds when I was at my heaviest.  My skin just doesn’t have the same elasticity as women who have always been thin.

If I twist just so and don't breath at all, it looks somewhat ok. Once again, the posing needs help!

But I do have something going for me, my back.  I should enter a back contest….I may just win.

At least the hard work shows up somewhere!

And my arms aren’t so bad either.

I eat my spinach!

Well, I am not going to let my nemesis stop me from competing.  It is just going to go on a road trip to Calgary with me on October 16th.  Although, if it wants to stay in Edmonton, I will gladly leave it behind!

I have two weeks left, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

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  1. You look fabulous!!! I’m so jealous of your back and arms especially, it’s not even funny. PS – I talked with my doctor about the Dreaded Muffin Top once. I was mostly complaining about the sad state of my skin post-baby and she straight up rolled her eyes at me and said “That’s not a skin issue. You know why you have a so-called muffin top? Because you have a uterus. If your stomach was totally flat, something would be wrong.”

    Yeah. Didn’t make me feel better either. But it made me laugh! 🙂

    PPS – can you and Jon PLEASE move to Santa Clarita now?!?

  2. Hey you forgot to say how awesome your legs look!

  3. Jennifer McLarty says

    Looking great, Donloree! You are an inspiration! I don’t think I could ever do something like this myself (I’d be way to nervous and insecure) but you certainly inspire me to take better care of myself and to try new things!

    • Jennifer – that’s such a compliment! That’s all I wanted by sharing my journey, to have people take care of themselves and try things that they may be scared to, but want to! 🙂 you just made my day.

  4. WOW! You look great!! ESPECIALLY your legs! 2 more weeks of dieting down and pushing hard will do more than you think. These pics already prove improvement from last week – be encouraged!!

    • Apparently I have the leanest legs that my trainer has ever seen…I am hoping my legs are so good that the judges don’t notice the skin flopping around my mid section! lol!

  5. Justin Dickau says

    Damn girl! You look hot!

  6. Krissy Jake-Smith says

    *snort* Skin flapping??? Not a chance. You look incredible. Your legs go on forever! Amazing work, lady. I’m def ready to get on this bandwagon.

  7. you look fantastic! your positivity and dedication is so inspiring! keep it up, girl and good luck on october 16th!

  8. hey! Just wanted to let you know you look fantastic. Great for you for going on this journey, as difficult as it is at times. I just finished my first bikini comp last weekend so i know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve had three kids so my belly is ridiculous. Honestly, my abs didn’t come out until the day of the show and after tanning. I still had the little pooch at the bottom and i just don’t know how to get rid of that. All I can say is go out there and feel confident and know you did your best. You are already a winner with everything you have done and put into it. Your body will never be perfect in your own eyes, but you look great and have done so well! keep up the great work, I’m excited for you!!

    • Thanks Lisa! That means a lot. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that has things going on around the middle!!! I am desperately hoping that the tan will be a miracle tan…that somehow it will cause my abs to surface and my fat to disappear!

      • It IS a miracle tan, seriously!! I had abs show up I never knew were even there =) Still had the pooch, but hey, whatever. I did my best! These last days are going to be so hard mentally for you. Stay focused and see the prize at the end (which would be food, real food!!)

        • You have made me feel so much better!!! Miracle tan?! What else could a woman want??? Real food would be great. Just had a supper of green beans, mushrooms, onions, and chicken….today I just want a piece of steak!

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