Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire?

I am competing in the INBF Canada Natural Federation on October 16th.  The show is completely natural which means you can’t be on drugs, diuretics, steroids, growth hormones, or stimulants.  The requirements for being clean are so intense that it takes a two page document to go through all of them.

I am glad to be on a level playing field for the competition.  I am engaged in a full out battle with a muffin top, I can’t compete against women on anabolic steroids as well!

But how do they ensure everyone is drug free you ask?

Polygraph test.

Yup, you read that correctly.  On October 13th I am going to head over to ITR Polygraph to get strapped to a machine and have copious amounts of questions thrown at me. I have nothing to hide, but I am nervous that the darn machine will think I am lying!

Perhaps I will be required to lie about something first as a benchmark for my ‘lying signals’.  This would make me feel like my nervousness will not misconstrued as lying. Perhaps I will  come up with some whoppers to tell in case this is requested of me.

Things like:

  • I am a world renowned author.
  • I can eat anything in sight and NEVER gain a pound.
  • I saved a small village in Costa Rica from a mudslide by personally carrying each person out of harm’s way.

Those sound pretty good, eh?  Although, if I start to go crazy and truly believe them apparently the test may not pick it up.

‘People who are psychotic “honestly” believe the lies they tell are the truth, therefore these people are not suited for a Polygraph examination’

So if you want to know the truth  from me, slip the questions over to ITR Polygraph before October 13 and see if he’ll give them an ask!

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  1. Melanie Robinson says

    I have always wondered the same thing – if I was strapped to a polygraph, would the machine think I was lying if I had high stress and nervousness?

  2. Same, that would make me a bit nervous that it could come across like I was lying. Never had one done. I’m curious how it’s done and the outcome.

  3. Ditto to the other ladies. Never had a polygraph test. Pretty sure I’d fail just from being so nervous bout it. 😛 Good luck!


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