Traveling Like Super Woman

I’ve been on the road for the last week in Orlando, 4,500 kms from home.  One of my favorite things about traveling is meeting people and telling them what I do.  You can tell them anything and don’t have to care about their reactions or be apologetic about how weird it may seem. After all, you’re never going to see them again!

It took me a long time to tell my friends and family that I was training for a bodybuilding competition. Fear of what they would think and how they may react held me back.  I also saw myself as the fat woman that disliked doing laundry because it meant her XL pants would be very tight when they came out of the dryer and she would have to lay on her bed in order to get them zipped up.

When I finally started to tell people what I was doing, the fear of reactions lessened and the fat woman I saw in the mirror started to go away. Truth just has a way of making things clearer in life.

While in the orange state this week, I told most people that I met that I am a Figure Competitor.  It felt fabulous to be confident about who I am without fearing what their reactions may be.

And let me tell you, there were a few strange reactions.

My favorite reaction was from the man that I waited outside the YMCA with on Saturday morning before it opened.  He was from Scotland and I had already blown his mind with the fact that I am a Life Coach.  As he hopped around in his new man Shape Ups, which he was VERY proud of, we chatted about eating healthy and working out while on the road.

DL – It’s great that the YMCA lets you go to their facilities for free while you travel.  It is another great thing about the YMCA.

Shape Up Shoes Man – Yes, I try to work out everyday.  That’s why I got these new shoes.  They help you burn more calories. (Then he proceeded to hop up and down for the next 12 minutes while constantly stretching his shoulders.)

DL – I see….yes, you are in fact burning calories as we talk….I can see that.

SUSM – So you work out often?

DL – Yup.  In fact I currently am on a two a day schedule as I get close to my competition.  I am competing in a Figure Body Building Competition in 3 weeks, so it’s pretty intense these days.

SUSM – (The hopping momentarily stopped and his eyes slightly bugged out) So…you’re completely ripped under all those clothes then???

Yes….that is EXACTLY what I was saying.

I tried not to burst out laughing and form an appropriate answer.

For the rest of our conversation, he kept looking at me like I could morph into Super Woman at any moment.

Hey, it’s not so bad to have people out there think you have Super Woman capabilities, even if it’s a man that wears Shape Ups!

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  1. DL- I love reading your posts. I laughed out loud at this one. Also I feel like I am so far from being the healthy person that I want to be, that your story gives me hope. So though it has been forever since I have seen you… thank you for the laughs and hope. You are going to do amazing at this competition.

    • Melissa! I am so glad that you are enjoying the blog. You can totally be the healthy woman you want to be. It is NOT TOO LATE. Start with 1 healthy choice tomorrow and build on it. Rome was not built in a day. I believe in you!!! Go woman go!

  2. Krissy Jake-Smith says

    But you truly ARE Super Woman!

  3. HAHAHA HILARIOUS!!! love this post – it’s always funny talking to people like the gushing SUSM – You’re gonna do great at this competition – your fun personality is going to show through when you’re on stage – this is great

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