Progress Report

For the last month I have been working with Joe Klemczewski to fight the epic battle of the muffin top for October 16th.  Every single day I email him everything that I ate, my weight, how I am feeling and my many questions.  He is a very patient man. You can’t even imagine the amount of questions and unrequested personal essays that I have sent to him about my thoughts, fears, and feelings.

He promptly answers all of my queries and makes any changes that are needed along the way.

An important part of the equation is how I look, not just how much I weigh. So each week I send him pictures that require sunglasses to look at.  I am VERY white, Snow White in fact.

I can’t even tell if I have muscles in some of the pictures because I am so white!  It’s a good thing he’s an expert…you have to be an expert to see muscles underneath all that white skin!  I never understood the fake tan until now.  I assume that a very white woman must have come up with this solution.

Many people have asked for pictures, so here are a couple pictures of Snow White-Loree!

Warning: The pictures below are of a very white woman trying to get into the correct Figure Competition poses.  Blindness may occur, please view at your own risk!

I think Popeye would be proud...

Shoulders are starting to if I could only get my back to look decent during the required poses!

Quarter turn to the right! Just have to turn more...and suck in that muffin top!

I have to get the posing down.  It is SO HARD and I am rather horrible at it…24 more days to sort it out.  Looks like I will being going to two a day work outs and posing practice now.  Cleaning the house?  Huh?  That can wait until November!

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  1. Krissy Jake-Smith says

    Awesome!!!!! You look fantastic!!!

  2. You look awesome! You should be proud!

  3. Look at you – great job – you look fantastic and you will only get even more cut! Work it work it! 🙂 ANd keep up the great attitude!!

  4. WOW!!!! You look amazing. Can I have your muffin top? What muffin top? I think you mean washboard, right?

  5. Melanie Robinson says

    DL! Your pipes are huge!! GOOD WORK!!!

  6. Someone is looking fit. You’ve definitely got a better body than I have.

  7. Donloree you look amazing and I too have it say it! WHAT MUFFIN TOP??!!! You are inspiring.

  8. Looking good! No muffin top in sight!

  9. I just came across your blog, and had to leave a little comment. You look amazing first of all… I have been competing for a little over a year (taking a much needed break right now). I have to say the posing is the hardest part. Looks so easy and natural when someone knows what they are doing but learning it… BRUTAL. Practice practice practice. I spent a good 15 minutes a day practicing! You look great. When’s the show?

    • Thank you! That means a lot to me. I am totally nervous about the posing. I practice every single day and its slowly getting better. My competition is on October 16, so I have three weeks minus 1 day today! EEK! I am going to travel over to your blog now and see what you are up to! 😀 Thanks for saying hi!

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