Going All The Way

I finally went all the way today. I ordered my Competition Suit!

For some reason I have had a severe mental block about ordering the darn thing. I obsessed about it, surveyed people about it, spent countless hours googling online stores and looking at scantily clad women, and even dreamt about it.

Ordering the suit is the full commitment, it is going all the way.

In about two weeks time, I should expect to find a small bubble envelope in my mailbox with a very small, very bedazzled bikini in it.

I am totally nervous to try the darn thing on once it arrives.  Good thing I have a few weeks to mentally prepare for that moment!

So, which one did I get?

What color did I go with – blue or pink?!

How bedazzled did I go?

In true womanly form, I changed my mind.  I did NOT go blue or pink – I decided to strike a fine balance and go with purple. I also decided that since I am going for it, I should go all the way with the bedazzlements as well.

Here it is in all its glory:

Purple Figure Competition Suit

GULP! Feeling a tad bit stressed about wearing this...eek!

So now here’s hoping that the rest of the muffin top goes away…because there is no hiding the muffin top in that thing!

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  1. Man, I feel your stress! Good for you though; a wee bit exciting though.

  2. Totally like that choice. It’s confident and different and gives the right attitude for you.

  3. wow beautiful – how much was that???

  4. Cuuuuuuuuute!

    I love receiving my new bikinis … Ive got a wee stash of them now lol .. but I always like to have a new one 🙂


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