Shoes in the Mail!

When I checked the mail this evening, I found something VERY exciting!  A notice from Canada Post that a package has arrived for me.

Canada Post notice slip

The notice I have been waiting THREE WEEKS for has finally arrived!

I put my order in for my Competition shoes over three weeks ago.  I was quite concerned that there was some fiasco at the border and that the shoes wouldn’t make it to my house…so much so that I called the company and begged them to chase the shipment down for me.  Last I heard, the shoes were hanging out in NYC…not that I blame them.

So off I ran to the postal outlet to fetch my shoes.  Chopping, weighing, and measuring supper can wait!  As a Figure Competitor it’s important to have your priorities in place; shoes obviously come first.

As my five year old niece would say, "EEEEEEE!"

I ran home head first into the cold, arctic wind we are currently experiencing up here in Alberta and immediately opened the box.

Figure Competition Shoes

Yes...I purchased two pairs. I just couldn't decide!!

At the time, it seemed completely reasonable to purchase two pairs of shoes.  What if I didn’t like one of them?! To pay to ship them back to America and then purchase another pair and pay shipping yet again, well it just didn’t make sense.  I am QUITE sure that it won’t make sense at all to my husband.

I am very happy to finally have my shoes, it makes it feel like its really happening.  Now I have to answer the very important question, ‘To bedazzle or not to bedazzle?

Completely clear and streamlined or a splash of bling?

I guess I have 30 days to figure out the answer.

And they go with EVERYTHING.

They totally go with jeans, right?

I am officially 6’1″ with the shoes on…a GIANT Figure Competitor.  Posing practice is going to get even more intense with these puppies on.  If you hear a very loud crash and a clear, bedazzled, five inch heel goes flying over head; don’t worry it’s just Donloree Hoffman up in Alberta having a near death experience while practicing her posing!

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  1. Bling for sure!

  2. Jeanette Dickau says

    They DO go with everything!!!…maybe you could actually bejewel your toenails!

  3. Brenda Werbiski says

    yes to bedazzling your shoes. Question now should be: Tacky or Classy?

  4. Krissy Jake-Smith says

    Nice! Except…they look virtually identical to me. Have you chosen your competition footwear officially now?

    • Confused Husband says

      Sorry, but I’m with your Krista…you say clear or bling, but they both looks the same. Here’s something i know for sure, you look super cute standing in front of the post office!

    • They pretty much are exactly the same, except one has rhinestones across the toes. It’s official. I have chosen my footwear!

  5. Go with the bling. I got the ones that have 2 straps of bling!!


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