I Am An Experienced Cheater!

Now, I realize that this is not something you usually brag about…but with experience comes wisdom.

Faith Keith, who is also training for her first competition, posed and interesting question today:

I am having trouble with reconciling my “cheats”.  I am allowed one cheat meal a week, but can I really eat anything? I wonder if I should try to limit my cheats and just allow myself a splurge every once in a while and otherwise eat only slightly off the normal diet.  I just don’t like feeling an enchilada still in my body when I wake up…or pizza hanging out in my tummy.  I can’t help but wonder if it is slowing my progress..

I grew up loving food.  I was often found in the kitchen whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies after school so that I could have a fabulous snack to accompany me while I slogged through my Algebra homework.

During University my late night companions were Peanut Butter M&M’s and Zesty Doritos.

Easter used to be the best and worst time of the year for me…Mini Eggs anyone?!

Over the last year, food has been demoted from a friend to an energy source.  It was a long process and took a lot of mental discipline on my part.  When I first started my clean eating journey I used to have ‘cheat days’. I longed for these days.  I would spend hours thinking about all the things that I could eat and how much I would enjoy them.

When the cheat day arrived I would gorge myself on the foods I felt deprived of.  Then I would lay on the floor like a bloated whale and tell myself that I felt satisfied.

I don’t have cheat days anymore.  If I have a day where I can eat anything I want, it’s a treat day; and I treat myself to health and feeling good.

My favorite treats are:

And on the days when I just need a treat, I don’t go down this aisle in the grocery store:

Snack Aisle in Grocery Store

The aisle of death! If you can't pronounce half the ingredients, don't eat it!

Instead I grab one of my favorite treats and thoroughly enjoy it.

You don’t deserve to have anyone cheat on you, so why do it to yourself?  Enjoy and savour one of your favorite treats and say no to bloating up like a beached whale!

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  1. mmm.. treats! I must agree I do like liberte yogurt- but the lemon one which is probably one you don’t eat!

    I like the idea of savouring one treat. Mine would be a chai latte from starbucks… I’ll make it non-fat:P

  2. I feel the same way about food cheats. I’m where you were one year ago, embarking on the possibility of entering a fitness competition. So my trainer is helping me to clean up my eating, no carbs (good ones of course) after 5pm. When he sees that I’m following his suggestions, I’m allowed small cheats. I’ve got the kind of body where I’m a dead giveaway if I cheat. My cheat is half a tsp of Nutella or a banana w/peanut butter. BTW, I enjoy reading your blogs and appreciate your honesty and humor and the reality of it all. I wish you luck this Oct.

  3. Ah! Yes…Thank you for this post and your answer to my question!! SO HELPFUL!! I am motivated. I appreciate your words of wisdom from experience – your answer on my blog post and your post here was EXACTLY the answer I needed – THANK YOU!

  4. Melanie Robinson says

    Where in the world do you find your greek style yogurt in edmonton!!?!

    • MMMM! Greek yogurt! I LOVE Liberte brand – which can be found at Save On Foods. http://www.liberte.qc.ca/en/page.ch2?uid=Yogurt Just be careful because some of their SUPER tasty ones are full of sugar…but the plain 1% greek style yogurt with fresh fruit is AMAZING. Let me know if you give it a go.

      • Melanie Robinson says

        too bad i don’t go to save on…BUT….guess what!??!? I found some at COSCO! You get two for 7 something bucks. I didn’t buy it though since i already have yogurt right now! But I look forward to trying it at some point! Love ya DL!!

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