Coming Down the Home Stretch

Tomorrow marks 1 calendar month until my Competition.

I have been running a marathon of preparation and focus since November of 2009 for this event, and suddenly it is just around the corner.  I am nearing the finish line and can see the stadium filled with people in the distance.

Yesterday I thought my legs were going to give way and that there was no possible way I could keep going.

I stopped running the race and nearly wept in frustration because ahead of me loomed an epic hill in the race that I have to overcome before I can run into the stadium to finish what I began.

The result?

A panicky email sent to my nutrition coach, Dr. Joe Klemczewski.  I sent out a real life SOS call for a reality check and action plan.  I could either keep forging ahead or quit and try again another time if the stress is too much for me to handle.  He asked me a simple, yet poignant question: “Where do you want to go?”

Seven hours later it was crystal clear to me that I want to go on stage on October 16.

I will run the final leg of my epic marathon and I will beat:

  • Discouraged-Loree
  • Fat-Loree
  • Unconfident-Loree
  • Undisciplined-Loree

Donloree will run into the stadium to take the victory lap on October 16th.

If you have ever watched a marathon, you will know that during the final leg of the race the intensity and tempo increases substantially.  The runners’ focus, discipline, and strength is unparalleled as they give every ounce of energy that they have to finish strong.

The last hill before entering into the stadium is the darkest and loneliest.  Luckily I have my trainer, nutrition coach, family, and friends that have run with me in the darkest and bleakest stretches of the race.

I may enter the stadium by myself, but the race was not run alone.

In one month, I get to take a victory lap around the track with my flag flying behind me – and I am so excited about it!

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  1. Hi Donloree- just want you to know that i found you on twitter about two months ago ? anyhow, I’ve been following you. My wife competed in her first figure show (NGA in North Carolina) she to had her moments of doubt, of not wanting to finish – but I’ll tell you once she hit the stage it was ON – I can’t tell you how proud i was of her determination and moxie. This was a girl who wouldn’t even wear a bathing suit when i first met her – ten years later she’s in the best shape of her life, standing on a stage in a bikini – Girl you stick with it, no doubt you’ll be training for your second show before you know it. It’s an amazing thing that you ladies do over the course of several months. the will power and discipline is beyond belief, it’s something that 99% of america will never understand… but that other 1% should be very proud – I’m sure you’ll look great !! Off to bed, Good Luck and Keep the Faith – it will be SO WORTH IT in the end ( which i’m sure you know ) My wife is Erica, she’s a Registered Dietitian – find us on facebook if you’d like to see a pics of her pre-show prep; all the fun !

  2. Cheering for you!

  3. DLH: First off, “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me”. Phil 4:13 My very favorite verse. But I want you to chant this. You KNOW it’s the truth. When you feel as though your legs are going to give way, let God carry you. YOU CAN DO THIS! Second, DOUBT is faith in the enemy. This is not truly where your faith rests and we both know that. Here’s where my faith rests (IN HIM):

    Praying Praying Praying. YOU can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens YOU. ALL THINGS!!! So do it, girl!

  4. I second John’s post about Erica – she looked FABULOUS on stage! You, too, can do it! We all experience moments of self-doubt and reach a breaking point during prep. It’s at that point when you have the make the decision to continue or to quit. The choice is yours. Believe in yourself. Believe in your goals. I wrote this blog when I reached my breaking point:

    Hang in there!!

  5. Go get em girl!

    I always find the last month a breeze because its so close that you can taste it! 🙂

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