172 Days Marks The End Of This Chapter

Today marks the end of a chapter in the book of Donloree.

For 172 consecutive days I have faithfully logged every single calorie I have put in my mouth in a food journal.

Food Journal

The last page...who knew September 14th would mark the end of this chapter?

This journal is more than just a diary of the things that I have eaten.  It marks the discipline and focus I have chosen to have in order to stand on a stage on October 16th.

I feel sad that I have to start a new journal tomorrow, there is something almost akin to friendship that I have with this book. When I wanted to eat a piece of cake, pound back a cereal bowl FULL of ice cream, or sneak a handful of chips I would ask myself if I wanted to write it down in the journal, and the answer was always no.

It helped me to stay on track and keep my goals in focus AND is cute in that nerdy, librarian kind of a way.

Food Journal

Cute AND small enough to travel in my purse with me everywhere I went!

So tomorrow I start a new chapter with a new food journal.

What chapter of your life are you opening tomorrow?  Make it a chapter that will help you reach your dreams so that you can stand proudly on a stage one day!

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  1. Ok, today is Day 2 of my own personal Blog and I realized I have the same Dashboard pretty-ness that you have. Did I really copy your Dashboard pretty-ness? Was it always this theme? Or did you change it lately? Either way, I’m sorry… and embarrassed.

    • This was always the theme! 🙂 Don’t be embarrassed!!! We aren’t the only two people with the theme, that’s for darn sure. The only thing you should be sorry about is the fact that I haven’t been sent a link for your website yet! Link puh-lease!! 🙂

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