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Ok, no more fooling around.  I have to order my posing suit in the next couple of days or the only suit I will have for the competition will be my birthday suit.  And that would be less than appropriate.  Although these darn suits are as close as you can get to a birthday suit and still get away with calling them ‘clothes’.

I am totally stuck on what color and the bedazzlement level I should go for.  I have narrowed it down to two options for each category.  Please give me your opinions!

For those of you that don’t know what I look like, here’s a snapshot of my Snow White-esque complexion.

I'm been told that I am 'very, very caucasian". I decided that it was a compliment!

And now for the final bikini options!

Bedazzlement Style Options

Option One:  Even coverage of Bedazzlements

Sparkly all over and eye catching, but not blinding.

Option Two: Select Areas of Bedazzlements

A bit more sedated, but still confident.

I am currently leaning towards option number 2…seems a bit classier. Although the outfit on a whole is anything but classy!

Fabric Color Choices

Option One: Sedated, but will make the blue eyes pop

I think Snow White would pick this color. Don't you agree?

Option Two: Embracing the fun and ridiculous side of Donloree's hot pink...

So what will it be? Your opinions are required STAT!

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  1. Blue.

  2. Justin Dickau says

    Hands down, the red one!

  3. Krissy Jake-Smith says

    I agree with Option B. Definitely Blue is the way to go for you.

  4. I vote for Option B – the blue. 🙂 Red is a little “on the nose” for confidence and besides, blue is TOTALLY Snow White. 😉

    PS – you are about a BAZILLION times braver than me to wear that in public. Or even at all. You have no idea how impressed with you I am right now!

  5. I know it’s not a color option, but I vote red with the option B sparkles.

  6. I say blue with even coverage of bedazzlement!! Good luck! You are a brave woman to wear this!!!

  7. I vote for BLUE!

  8. Red!!!
    Go for it!!! Be bold.

  9. Kathy Sperling says

    I’ll venture an opinion, although honestly, YOU are wearing it, not me, so YOU need to feel completely confident in it, not me…That being said, you probably want more flash than class and I bet pink will be less common – I’d go for pink in either ‘bedazzlements’. When you’ve got it, flaunt it!!

  10. Jeanette Dickau says

    The truth is you look beautiful in blue BUT your glasses have RED, so it depends on how you feel cuz both would be great. Bottom line though, I vote BLUE

  11. andrea bennett says

    I vote blue…..I think blue looks great on you! Truth be told though….you could rock both colors!

  12. Krissy Jake-Smith says

    Yay!!!!!! You’ll rock it, girl!

  13. The more bling, the better. 🙂 Something to think about … blue is a very popular (and common) color. Have fun choosing a design!


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