There are may things that consume my thoughts while training for the Figure Competition.  Eating times, how many carbs are in a carrot, how fabulous the first chocolate croissant from the Duchess will taste on October 17th, proper form for exercises like skull crushers, and finding an outfit to wear to work that doesn’t look like a tent.

But those thoughts are normal for Figure Competitors.

I have a new thought that fills my mind.  ARMS.  I am officially obsessed with arms.  I realized this while watching Sunday afternoon football with our friends last weekend.  My husband is a diehard Saskatchewan Roughrider fan, so I try to appreciate the sport to show him that I love him.  Even after 10 year of trying, the only thing I see while watching football is large men running head first into each other and then all falling over.  I usually knit or work on a project while the game is on.

But not last Sunday.

I found myself obsessed by the arms of several of the large men in green.  I was envious of their arms and couldn’t stop watching the game.  Then I looked at my arms and felt sad.  These men fall over for  a living and their arms are 18 times better than mine!

Perhaps I should start running head first into people and falling over….do you think it will help increase my arm definition?  I’m willing to give it a go…

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