I Picked Up The Gauntlet…

I really like to do things that are hard and that most people don’t even attempt doing; hence the Figure Competition.  This quality has also resulted in me doing other random things like catering weddings, attempting to write a book, planning international conferences, and going to NYC with 3 days notice and no passport.

Usually when someone tells me that something cannot be done I have to figure out a way to overcome the obstacle or show them how wrong they were by doing it.  It is a fabulous and detrimental personality trait all at the same time.

I have been challenged to look for sponsorship as a bodybuilder.  And before I really thought about it, I agreed that it was a good idea and that I would do it.

Ummm…now what?

I am horrible at selling myself.  All I can come up with is writing a letter and sending it out to a bunch of supplement companies. I am pretty sure I can do better than that….right?  The main problem is that I don’t know why they would want to sponsor a woman from the arctic with a weird name that is entering her first competition. And there is NO ROOM on the bikini to put a logo or anything of the sort.  Heck, it’s so small that there is barely room for the required bedazzlements!

I am going to kick my own butt and commit to trying my best to find a sponsor for this epic event.  As my mom always told us growing up, ‘You don’t get if you don’t ask‘.  Now all I have to do is figure out what the heck it is that I’m asking for!

I have to at least try, otherwise I won’t be able to look myself in the mirror while I practice my posing everyday.

Anyone have some fabulous ideas on sponsorship?

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  1. Justin Dickau says

    Being tenacious is a family trait! Go for it Donloree!

  2. You’re probably already thought of this but:
    – Try companies with products that you already use and love. You can make a more personal case about why you’re a good representative for their product.
    – Could you get sponsored by other fitness-related websites or blogs? You can’t advertise for them on your body but you could link to them on your site(s)
    – Try local companies. If you can meet with them, you’ll have a much better chance of wooing them. Who doesn’t love a Donloree??
    – Can you make any connections with magazines?

    Go market yourself! It’s your specialty!

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