Strike A Pose!

There are many aspects to being a Figure Competitor that have nothing to do with lifting heavy weights, dieting, or spending hours of your life doing cardio.

This is where the high cut bikini, false eye lashes, vaseline for your teeth, 5 inch clear heels, and fake tan come in to play.

Beyond all the cosmetics, you have to pose while on stage.  I’ve attended a few competitions, and all the ladies stand there smiling and look VERY muscled.  This has got to be the hardest thing to do on the planet.

As of yesterday, 3o minutes of the next 38 days are dedicated to posing.  This involves me tromping through my house in my epic heels, wearing a bikini, and trying to flex every single muscle in my body at once, smile, not fall over, and appear as lean as womanly possible.

Go ahead try it.  It seems easy, but it is SO HARD.

For instance, let’s run through the ‘front relaxed’ pose.  Here’s all you need to do:

  • Stand with heels together in 5 inch heels
  • Push out with your thighs and flex your whole leg, especially your quads
  • Tighten that bum up!
  • Suck in your muffin top, but try to flex your abs
  • Shoulders down and back
  • Spread out your lats
  • Arms ‘relaxed’ and wide
  • Pop out the shoulder to show off the definition
  • Tighten the triceps
  • Smile

Now the thing is, you have to do this all at once.  And then HOLD IT for up to 5 minutes.  And there is more than one pose….

So if you see me looking like a statue and smiling like the happiest woman on the planet, don’t worry I haven’t gone mental.  I am merely in the final stages of training for October the 16th.

Ummm….I just realized that’s 38 days away…EEP!

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  1. I hope you took before pictures. It’d be even better if the before pictures were in poses.


  1. […] I have to at least try, otherwise I won’t be able to look myself in the mirror while I practice my posing everyday. […]

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