People Say the Funniest Things…

I am totally used to people saying funny things to me.  Most of them come from having the name Donloree or from the ridiculous situations I am known for getting myself into.  Since I have started to tell people that I am training for a Figure Competition, I have heard even more funny things.

“Just don’t get a boob job…OK?”

“So you’re going to go on a stage in a bikini then? Why?”

“Glad you said it was kind of awkward because I think it’s TOTALLY awkward.”

My most favorite comment of all time has to be, “Oh…I am so sorry!”

This usually comes after I pull out my own food at dinner, I’ve talked about the discipline I have, or I pass up on dessert.

Please don’t feel sorry for me.  I LOVE training for this.  It’s something that I have chosen to do and am more than happy to sacrifice today to meet my goal of tomorrow.

If I had cancer and couldn’t eat the food, then you can feel sorry for me.  But don’t feel sorry that I am chasing a dream and working hard to accomplish it.

Celebrate with me!

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