Bikini Bite!

Yesterday was the 6 week mark.  6 weeks until I paint myself brown, wear the most uncomfortable shoes known to woman-kind, and wear a bikini on a stage.


Suddenly, something occurred to me. How the world am I going to keep that suit with the tiny bottom from going places it shouldn’t while on stage?  I don’t know what would be worse, a suit that has gone north or a competitor bringing the suit back down south while on stage…

Have you seen the back of the suits?!

Back of a Figure Competition Suit

Not too much room for error...if you know what I mean!

Once again, Google is my friend.  There is a magical glue for just this thing called Bikini Bite.

Bikini Bite

So you just 'spray and go'? (picture from

This exclusive spray fastener is designed to keep your bikini from slipping and riding up in places that you don’t desire. Easy to use, spray‐on can allows fast, even coverage and quick drying time so you can be confident when you step on stage.

I wonder if it can help me be confident with my muffin top too…hmmm…

So my one remaining question is – What do I do when my anxiety ridden bladder shows up right before I go on stage? I am going to need someone there with Bikini Bite in hand to ensure everything is glued and good to go!

So many details!

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  1. Jeanette Dickau says

    Donloree – OY VEY!!!! I have seen more fabric on a curad bandaid for knuckles for Pete Sake. Good thing you know about the glue. What do you use to unglue it? Nail polish remover? Wowsers…who knew?

  2. Bahah! I love it… and after you can wear use it on your bikini at the beach and you will never have a wedgie again!!!!

    do you apply this yourself? I sure hope so!!!!

  3. Bikini Bite is awesome! Just make sure you apply it right before going on stage, and don’t bend over or move around a lot after applying it, or your suit will unstick (this has happened to me & I just went on stage with a wedgie :P). It washes right off with soap because it’s just a light adhesive. It will take your tan off where you apply it, though, so check to see if you need any tan touch-ups before the evening show.


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