Who’s on your 3×5 card?

Apparently when you arrive on the day of your competition, they give you a 3×5 card to write out your thank you’s and whatnot and it gets read when you walk on stage.

A 3×5 card just isn’t going to be big enough for me.

There are so many people that have and are helping me with this journey that I think I will need a piece of poster board to fit all of them on it. I’ve learned a ton of things along the way, some of them great like self discipline, and others that are just plain weird like the best applicator for a fake take is a small foam painting roller.  But the biggest lesson that I’ve learned along the way is that you can’t do life alone.

Beyond the people that I have paid to help me along the way, there are people in my life have reminded me why I am doing this when I have wanted to quit, believed in me when I couldn’t, seen the potential in me, and listened to my concerns about my muffin top more times that I would like to admit.  I couldn’t do it without them, they are the cornerstone of my success.

My husband most of all.  He happily eats cereal for supper when I’m too tired to cook him another meal and won’t let him eat the pre-measured food in the fridge, he ensures that I get the best training and nutrition coaching available, is accommodating to ridiculous eating and work out schedules, and always wants to listen to my bodybuilding woes.  Not everyone is blessed with such support.

I have no idea how October 16 is going to turn out, but I do know one thing for sure.  I am going to have to write very, very small to fit everyone on my 3×5 card!

Who’s on your 3×5 card?

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