I Wanted To Get Off The Wagon Today…

This evening all I wanted to do was go out to the grocery store to buy copious amount of dark chocolate and a bottle of port and then sit on my couch and drown my sorrows.

But I didn’t have enough energy to even get back in the car, let alone walk through a grocery store.

Good thing, eh?!

Instead I focussed on why I am doing what I am doing and remember that all the small things add up to a huge reward. Anemia is just one more thing to overcome in order to be successful.

With 6 weeks left until my competition and a TON of work to be done, now is not the time to fall off the wagon.

So I will continue to live up to the high standards I have set for myself and give up everything that could be bad for me, even gum. GUM. I am down to 2 pieces a day and hope to eradicate it out of my life by the middle of next week…for awhile there I was up to nearly a pack a day!

Our house has nothing bad to eat left in it.  If my husband wants some junk food, the best he can do is gorge himself on asparagus dowsed in butter.  Poor guy!  Good thing our friends feed him pizza and other exciting things when we go visit, otherwise he might die a slow and healthy death!

Who’s on the wagon with me?

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  1. Jeanette Dickau says

    Hang in there Sweetie…only 6 weeks to go! You can do it.

  2. Krissy Jake-Smith says

    I’m on it!!! Go DLH, GO!!!

  3. you can do it!!!
    at least its a pack of gum.. and not smokes!

  4. Question – is it straight up anemia, or pernicious anemia – and what are you doing for treatment? I’m still looking for a good treatment solution for mine…

    • Its just anemia. I’m on iron supplements for the time being. I eat no iron rich foods right now and haven’t for the last 6 months, so that is the cause. More tests in late October to see where I’m at.

  5. Same! But I’ve only been at it for two months now and was ready to fall off the wagon twice, last week and the week before. Good thing my trainer is so wonderful, motivating and understanding!

    • Keep up the good work! I am so glad that your trainer has been such a source of encouragement for you. It is amazing how important it is to have supportive people around you while you do these things in life!

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