Blinding Clarity

I just spent the whole day with INBF Canada at their contest prep course.  It was so empowering to have my bazillion questions answered and solidify a plan for the next 7 weeks.

While training for a competition, I have learned a ton about myself.  What makes me tick, how to motivate myself, and what the power of my mind can accomplish when it is truly focused.


I am finally starting to understand what focus can accomplish.  Absolutely amazing things! And not just in the realm of fitness.

My main problem in the past has been choosing what to focus on.  There are so many good and exciting things that can distract you from your life goals.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t be a bodybuilder, knitting guru, potter, fabulous life coach, loving wife, gourmet chef, good friend to everyone, author, speaker, clothing designer, and home renovator all at the same time.

So I am choosing to be a loving wife, fabulous life coach, and a great bodybuilder.

In order to be a great bodybuilder, I fully embraced learning all the poses and volunteered to try all the poses in front of everyone even though I was scared out of my mind.  While desperately trying to look composed and relaxed while flexing every muscle in my body and wearing a pair of borrowed 5-inch Lucite heels, I had a flash of blinding clarity.

I am going to be wearing a bikini on a stage in 7 weeks.

The ramifications of what I have been training for since November clinched in my mind today.  Instead of choosing fear and uncertainty, I am choosing self-assurance and a spitfire attitude.  I can and will do this, and do it as fabulously as I am able.

What are you working towards and bringing your focus to for superb results?

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  1. I think it’s inherent in women to try to be everything to everyone. I’m impressed that you volunteered to model the poses at the class; that takes a lot of guts! I bet you got the best instruction, though, since the instructors helped you pose perfectly as an example to everyone else. 🙂

    The next few weeks are going to fly by!

  2. Now that you’ve chosen an attitude, it should be easier to pick a bikini to match the attitude.

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