Goldilocks and the Three Chairs

I found myself relating to Goldilocks today.  Three different times, I heard myself saying, “This chair is too hard!”.

While perched on my kitchen stool to eat my well-balanced breakfast of eggs and a low carbs, my arse* was really hurting.

“This stool is way too hard!”

It is, after all, wood.

Then while driving to work in my little character-filled Suzuki Aerio, the darn seat in the car was anything but comfortable.

“My gracious, this seat sucks! I can’t believe how hard this seat is!!”

My complaining about how hard all the chairs in my life were didn’t become obvious until I found myself uncomfortable in my very favorite chair at home.

“What the world? This chair is officially hard too! How is this even possible??”

Then something clicked.

All the chairs in the world aren’t too hard, it’s my arse.

I may still have a muffin top, but I apparently don’t need to lose any more weight in my arse for this Figure Competition. Oy vey!  I am now officially on the search for a chair that can be considered, ‘Just right’. I may just have to sacrifice and visit every coffee shop in the city until I find the perfect one for me to sit on while sipping an Americano and contemplating life.  This Figure Competitor has got to do what she’s got to do!

Who knew this was going to be an issue?

*Arse is one of my very favorite Canadian words!  Since I have been living up here for 12 years, I have decided to embrace all of the Canadian-isms that I can.

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