Head First Into the Wall

Its official, I have run head first into a wall with my training.  I am working as hard as I can and eating very clean and low carb, but seeing very little results.

I keep getting up every morning and I keep running head first into the wall.


These are the days when I have to remember why I am doing this; otherwise it will be too easy to give up and be discouraged.  Every little thing I do or don’t do adds or subtracts from my success.

I will choose the things that add to my success and not worry about the possible failures.

There are 7 weeks left until I walk across a stage in a bedazzled bikini, this is NOT the time to lose heart.

This is the time to leverage my greatest strength – my mind.

I can and will do this, and do it well.

Is anyone else running head first into a wall?  Don’t lose heart; tomorrow is a new day of fresh possibilities and success.  Tomorrow we stop running into the wall!

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  1. First time commenter here 🙂

    Very nice blog first of all; I found your blog through a network for like-minded folks. I am a competitive bodybuilder, so needless to say I can relate to the issues that you are facing as you are your journey to the competitive stage.

    While I can not say that I have hit a wall yet, I do know what it feels like to give so much of yourself physically only to not have your hard work manifested with the desired results-it can be downright frustrating but as you mentioned in your post, you can not give up! You are very close to being to past a dream and that in of itself is motivating enough but if it isn’t, then I am sure you have so many people in your corner supporting you on this journey and you definitely don’t want to disappoint them by “throwing in the towel” before giving yourself the opportunity to achieve greatness. Hang in there. I am wishing you the best and you have a new blog supporter.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I will NOT throw in the towel, I am too stubborn for that! I really appreciate the encouragement. Some weeks are just harder than others.
      This too shall pass! My first show is just that, my first show. I get to kill that one and then continue on! 🙂

  2. You seem to be a champion of mind already and that will get you that much closer to a victory 🙂

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