A Few Loose Screws Never Hurt Anyone…

I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea.

I love that it’s so cheap…and I HATE that it’s so cheap.

In an effort to organize my life, I purchased a shelf to be the keeper of my things in my office.

Expedit IKEA Shelf

Such a nice looking shelf!

It looked easy enough to put together.  After all, according to the instructions an oompah loompah can put it together.

IKEA Shelf Assembly Instructions

Someone should tell the IKEA assembly person to lay off the evening snacks....

Not so! The final stages of assembly required me to heft the shelf onto its side in a semi-assembled stage and for me to sit on it so that it finally went together.  It was the first time in my life that I wished I weighed more.

Finally the last screw just needed to be tightened.

Despite all my efforts, it would not go in.  I’m training for a bodybuilding competition; you would think this wouldn’t be an issue.

My new nemesis!

My new nemesis!

Perhaps it was the tool that came with the shelf that was the problem – not enough leverage.

I went searching for a suitable tool.  Despite all the tools I have, none would do the job.


Screwdrivers galore and not one of them works? How is this even possible?

It is now set up in my office with a screw sticking out of the top of it.

Office Shelf

It stil works, right?

Do you think anyone is going to notice?

You can barely tell...right?

I guess it can be a reminder for me that sometimes you need a few loose screws to get the job done.  After all, I must have a few screws loose to wear a bikini on a stage in a mere 8 weeks from now.


I still don't have one...how in the world do you pick?!

If all my screws were tightly fastened, my life would most likely be boring.

Anyone else out there running around with a few loose screws?

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  1. EndurancePro says

    Hi love your blog post! Great sense of humor! I totally know what your talking about with IKEA! It’s a love & hate relationship! LOL Is that bikini you are planning to wear? Great taste, it looks fabulous, can’t wait to see your pictures! Wish you the best at your competition! Keep your eyes on the Prize!

    • Thanks! I can only take IKEA in small doses…shopping there usually makes me want to have a stroke. 🙂
      I haven’t picked out my bikini yet, but it’s the task of the next week. How do you choose?! I’ve never had to buy something like this before and there’s nowhere you can go to try them on. Makes it REALLY hard.

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