Just a Bite of Brownie?

As you all know or have probably already guessed, I don’t eat ‘treats’ anymore.

I don’t even have ‘just a bite of brownie’ or a ‘smidgen of frosting’. Even though some days I really, really want to…like yesterday when there was no change despite a huge effort on my part.

Most people don’t understand…after all, what’s one teensy weensy bite of brownie going to do?

Nothing actually.

The problem is that every single day and almost every hour, there is the opportunity to have ‘just a bite of brownie’.  And if I’m honest with myself, I can’t ‘just have a bite of brownie’.  Once I start, I require the whole pan preferably with ice cream and hot fudge! I’m already starting to feel a diabetic coma coming on….

By giving up these temptations, I am meeting my goals of increased strength and a fit body.

Through training for a Figure Competition, I have learned that the smallest things in life, over time, can yield huge results.  This doesn’t only apply to food.  Small changes in my attitude, relationships, work, and discipline create huge gains in outlook, improved relationships, and a more balanced life.

So stop having ‘just a bite of brownie’ with me and let’s all start to live more fulfilled lives together.

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  1. I always ask myself, “How would you feel to stand on stage and get 2nd place, knowing you didn’t do everything you possibly could to get 1st? How would you feel knowing that that one bite of brownies or that one Dorito was the cause of an inferior placing?” Every little thing DOES count – food, attitude, training, sleep … and it all adds up to contribute to success or disappointment.

    Great message!!

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