Five Signs You’re Training for A Bodybuilding Competition

Since I started training for a Figure Competition, I have found myself doing learning things I never thought I would. In many ways, they have become ‘just the norm’ for me, but let’s be honest; some of them are just plain weird!

1.  Drinking protein concoctions that get shaken up in a cup and come from large black containers that litter your otherwise cute kitchen’s counter seem completely normal.

2.  Supplements that you never thought you’d use are taken on a daily basis.  To quote my husband, “As if my wife takes Creatine! Isn’t that just for football players and gym rats?”

3.  You find yourself standing in a bakery with your eyes closed, breathing as deep as humanly possible to enjoy fresh baked bread without ingesting any of the calories.

4.  You are able to rattle off the nutrition information about all kinds of food without blinking:

How many calories in a cup of strawberries?

How many grams of protein in a serving of quinoa?

How many calories are in 1tsp of butter?

Which has more carbohydrates per gram, carrots or onions?

I know all of these answers plus more.  Perhaps all this information will come in handy as a party game one of these days…

5.  You use the weird cable machines at the gym that you were previously frightened to use.  Wrapping yourself up in one cable, walking 10 feet over to the next one, and then unwinding yourself in order to complete a weird back exercise is done with nonchalance.

Who else has found themselves doing and learning things they never thought they would while training?


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  1. How many calories are in a cup of strawberries? blueberries? raspberries? I am really curious.

  2. I cannot say that I will be entering a bodybuilding competition anytime soon but I have been focusing largely on weight training and weight loss over the past year. It really is amazing how it takes over your life.

    I really had to laugh at point 1 as I have protein containers scattered all over my flat.

    Great post

  3. The reason he hides it is because he is worried that his wife will start coming up with things for him to do when she knows he wants to go the gym. Most of his work is ‘on call’ so he is able to sneak out easily enough. My friend owns the gym and when this man used to meet my friend and I, we had to pretend not to know each other (he is not originally from our area). Thankfully his wife introduced us one day!

    I have no idea how he hides the protein though.

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