69 Days and Counting

In 69 days I will be on a stage in a bikini competing in my first all natural bodybuilding competition.

For some reason, it sounds better if I say 2 months.  So we’ll go with that…in two months….

For most of my life I preferred a book and half a dozen chocolate chip cookies over a bike ride in the park.  This resulted in having a very large muffin top and happy arms.  Now here I am, 2/3 the woman I used be, staring down an event that is larger than life right between the eyes.

I will be posting snippets from my what I have learned along the way, recipes, fitness tips, and random ridiculousness as I come down the home stretch of this epic journey.

Here’s to giving it all you’ve got!

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  1. Jeanette Dickau says

    Only my crazy daughter would take up this crazy challenge. It will be fun to follow along on this journey. It is kinda scary for your mom….if you know what I mean. How will the Lord us “this” experience in your life. Should be interesting….

  2. Heather Strecker says

    You amaze me! I don’t think you will ever see me do something like that. You’re going to be awesome!

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