Studying the Competition

I am learning a new skill in life; studying.

My usual MO is to just  do something and hope it pans out. In high school the only reason I even completed the daily math assignments was because they were 40% of your mark. Even still, I did them the night before the unit exam when they were due and wrote the tests in a severely sleep deprived and caffeinated state without studying at all.

Is there any wonder I got a C- in Pre-Calculus?

Apparently there is value in studying. Apparently it helps prepare you. Apparently it is not a waste of time.

Point conceded!

I spent the morning at prejudging for the Northern Alberta Bodybuilding and Figure Championships studying the competition.

Heck, I even took notes.

Donloree studying

There is no messing around! I was prepared.

I have an audacious goal of taking first in my class next time I compete; hence the studying.

Here’s what I learned from this morning’s study session.

  1. Learn how to get into poses QUICK. The longer you’re in a pose with perfect form the better. Some of the competitors barely got into their pose before the next one was called.
  2. Smile the whole time; don’t grimace. There is a marked difference between having a relaxed smile and baring your teeth. Smiling needs to start before you walk on stage and can only stop once you’ve stepped off stage. The women that constantly smiled in a relaxed manner stood out from the others.
  3. Walk without flailing your arms for balance. I want to be noticed for my fantabulous lat spread that I am growing or my calves and hammies; not my clomping and flopping.
  4. Always be prepared. Things happen on stage that you would prefer don’t happen. My suit may come unglued, but that doesn’t mean I have to. I am going to learn how to not break my smile no matter what. Winners don’t let a darn thing faze them on stage; even a suit coming completely undone.
  5. Bedazzle your personality. Having a gorgeous, bedazzled suit makes you noticed but having a bedazzled personality and eyes that flash your inner beauty keeps the attention.

Looks like I have a lot of work to do.

I’m dusting off the hooker heels, practicing posing every single day, and smiling no matter what life hands me.

There is no ‘off’ season; just different seasons.

It’s on!