If I Can-Can, You Can-Can

Every morning I wake up to loads of emails I have subscribed to get, yet most of them go into the trash without me even opening them. Email newsletters are hilarious, they are a bit like requesting people send you junk mail.

  • Then there are the rare ones that don’t get trashed.

We all have them – the mass email that comes to your inbox that you actually read and enjoy. Marie Forleo is one of the rare ones for me. She’s smart, hardworking, helpful and kind. This past week she featured an amazing woman named Maysoon Zayid.

Women with weird names rock.

I have no doubt she receives a lot of comments about her name too. I can hear it now…

  • Monsoon? Like the weather pattern?
  • May, what?
  • Mason? Like the man’s name but you’re a woman?

I am sure the list goes on and on.

While watching her interview yesterday, I was struck once again by the fact that we are all supposed to do something unique in this world. Limitations and obstacles exist – just ask Maysoon – but they don’t define you. In fact it is our job to redefine them and work through, around, over, under and with them.

She is a well known comedian, not a disabled comedian but a comedian, and has worked in Hollywood. She found her dream of acting and communicating while in University and never looked back.


Cerebral palsy could define her, yet it is simply something about her; a footnote in her story.

I have a lot of footnotes that I tend to make my identity. It is time to give these items the place they deserve – a small mention in passing of the greater story of my life.

You also need to watch her Ted Talk.

She also wrote a screenplay called, “If I Can-Can, You Can-Can” about a small town dancer teacher with cerebral palsy and I would love to see it come to life because it guarantees her an oscar. Hah! As a writer who is starting to dabble in the world of fiction and screenplays this is one of the most intriguing things about her.

Makes sure to also check out Maysoon’s Kids. She gives hope and possibility to those who wouldn’t have it otherwise, which is what we are all called to do in some form and way through our lives.

What footnote is out of place in your life? Whatcha gonna do about about it?

The Fellowship Of The Ring {52 Books}

 Confession time.

I have yet to watch the Lord Of The Rings movies.


Nor have I watched Titanic, but that is a whole different story for another day.

Simply put, I like to read the book before I watch the movie. Honors Sophomore English required us to read The Hobbit which, at the age of 16, nearly killed me.  The thought of having to read more of the slow moving, detail orientated plot about small men with hairy feet which requires pages and pages of maps to be able to literally know where in the story you were had zero appeal.



So read, I didn’t.

One of my goals with my 52 Book Project is to read great books, epics, books that shape culture and tell great stories. I found myself being so bored with all the leadership, learning, and you-should-be-better books; I mean there is only so much one woman can implement in a month.

When the library let me know The Fellowship Of The Ring had arrived, I was not very excited.

The 4 pages of foreword nearly killed me and I wondered what the heck I was doing, but I dove in – desperate for a great story to immerse myself in.

Determined Donloree

Starting required some determination and a ‘look’. Glad I gave myself the ‘look’.

I found what I was looking for.

Well told story teaches you about yourself and the world. As I bumbled around the names of the characters and places and wrapped my mind around Saruman vs. Sauron, I found myself caught up in the great epic and was reminded of four important truths.

Truth #1 – Doing what only you can do doesn’t ensure safety.

“It is going to be very dangerous, Sam. It is already dangerous. Most likely neither of us will come back.”
~Frodo, page 87

  • Isn’t this true of nearly every hard task we are called to do with our lives?

We never come back to the place we were before, it doesn’t exist. Great journeys of daring and doing what only you must do changes the world, both for yourself and those around you.

CS lewis

Truth #2 – Who you journey with matters.

“It all depends on what you want,” put in Merry. “You can trust us to stick to you through thick and thin – to the bitter end. And you can trust us to keep any secret of yours – closer than you keep it yourself. But you cannot trust us to let you face trouble alone, and go off without a word. We are your friends, Frodo. Anyway; there it is. We know most of what Gandalf has told you. We know a good deal about the Ring. We are horribly afraid – but we are coming with you; or following you like hounds.”
~ Page 105

  • A true friend is worth more than their weight in gold.

We need to go through life with other people who will fight the fight with us, who have the same purpose and heart to conquer that which needs conquering. As I read this story I was deeply grateful for my fellow sojourners who stick with me with a steadfast Sam Gamgee-esque quality.

Truth #3 - Judging others when you have not traveled their dark road negatively impacts your heart.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens,” said Gimli.
“Maybe,” said Elrond, “but let him not vow to walk in the dark who had not seen the nightfall.”
“Yet sworn word may strengthen quaking heart,” said Gimli.
“Or break it,” said Elrond. “Look not too far ahead! But go now with good hearts!
~ Page 281

  • Look not too far ahead.

Yes know where you are going, but don’t make all the decisions until you get to the decision point. Most times we have to travel farther, learn more, and become wiser before we can make the decision. Every single day living with a good heart is up to me and going with a good heart keeps me steadfast as I travel my journey.

Truth #4 – It is harder NOT to do the hard thing you’re supposed to do.

“Oh, Mr. Frodo, that’s hard!” said Sam shivering. “That’s hard, trying to go without me and all. If I hadn’t guessed right, where would you be now?”
“Safely on my way.”
“Safely!” said Sam. “All alone and without me to help you? I couldn’t have borne it, it’d have been the death of me.”
“It would be the death of you to come with me, Sam,” said Frodo, “and I could not have borne that.”
“Not as certain as being left behind,” said Sam.
“But I am going to Mordor.”
“I know that well enough, Mr. Frodo. Of course you are. And I’m coming with you.”
~ Page 406

  • May we not avoid the things we must do just because they are hard.

It is our job to go through the hard things and continue on, not avoid them. Many of us are on the path to Mordor and find ourselves sitting on the side of the road while adversity tries to kill us – and we let it.

Tell me I am not the only one who has not read these books.

The second book, Two Towers, is on hold at the library as is the BlueRay of The Fellowship Of The Ring. I’m looking forward to finally being able to watch this movie!

I leave you with the words of Sam, “Of course you are. And I’m coming with you.”

What is your journey about and who is traveling with you?

Minimum Effective Dose and Dominos {Feed The Human}

How much is enough?

I care a lot about fitness and being healthy, probably more than the average bear. My life is structured to include wellness, fitness, and healthy eating choices as much as possible. This is a big change from a few years ago. For a season in my life, it was all consuming and my complete and only focus.

My life didn’t include fitness, it was fitness:

To sum it up, I was extremely difficult to live with – both for myself and my husband.

Oh the HANGER was the worst! Poor Jon...let's all have a moment of silence in honour of his patience.

Oh the HANGER was the worst!


If you’ve ever trained and dieted for a bodybuilding show, you are laughing right about now. The season of final prep is totally hilarious, weird, and OCD and it is supposed to be a short season. 12 weeks of complete and utter randomness that no one in your life understands other than your bodybuilding friends.

I turned a season into a lifestyle.

Our culture defines being ‘fit‘ at around 8% body fat, beautiful, and magazine cover ready.

When I was at my ‘fittest’, I felt my worst and hated my body – yet I received compliments galore, people raved about my ‘success’ and everyone wanted to know how to do it for themselves.

I had to get a new picture...

I had to create a new picture…


I don’t get these kinds of compliments anymore and I am more than ok with it.

I was recently added to a weight loss accountability group on Facebook because I quipped in a comment on someone’s status about wanting to lose a couple more pounds in a moment of wanting to connect and commiserate. The women in the group are all beautiful, fit and fabulous and I would love to journey with them, but not on this journey. For me the destination of this journey is becoming an OCD, hard to live with woman who is never happy with herself.

I struggle enough with feeling insufficient without adding body image into the mix.

Minimum Effective Dose.

The Minimum Effective Dose (MED) is simply the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome and anything BEYOND the MED is wasteful. For example, water boils at 100°C at standard air pressure. Water is not “more boiled” if you add more heat. You would save money on your gas or electric bill if you didn’t continue to increase the temperature of the water – thereby conserving resources for something else more productive.
~ Tim Ferriss

These past few years, I have learned this mostly applies to my brain. How much thinking, planning, and obsessing is required to get the results I want?

Being a happy, healthy, and fit Donloree means not thinking nearly as much about fitness as one would think. I have woven exercise into my life, try to get as much sleep as I need, bought bigger clothes, gave away all the clothes that are way too big or small, and work on comparing me to me.

What you think about and focus on is what you become and if you aren’t made to be that thing or do that task, life gets wonky really fast.

be awesome


It was and still is important to realize what I think about and focus on is up to me.

Worrying that I ate guacamole with my baked tortilla chips, freaking out that my workout got highjacked by having to be somewhere last minute, or checking my weight daily or hourly to ensure progress is being made is a surefire way to create utter chaos and a lack of ‘results’ in my life.

Donloree’s minimum effective dose.

  • Did I do something active today?
  • Did I eat healthy choices?
  • Am I hungry? Full?
  • Did I laugh? Have fun?
  • Do I need to not do something active today?
  • Am I taking care of my body and not caring about the size?

Size 6 or 8 and around a buck fifty-five or a buck sixty is an effective and healthy way for me to live my life and purpose out. It means I can coach amazing leaders, write books, work as a Human Resources Director, go out with friends, complete home renovations, and still set and go after audacious goals.

My body is not my identity.

Feed The Human interviewed me about life, my work, and how fitness is part of everyone’s journey – even though every journey is different.

Hey look! Its me!

Hey look! Its me!

We talked about how so many of us choose to make our bodies our identities and how quickly it becomes our identity without us even knowing it happened.

In the end, Donloree has a message for everyone who is seeking a healthier, fitter life – or any change in life for that matter. Change your first domino. Starting doing one thing differently and see where the dominos fall. Your life may just change in ways you can’t imagine.

Now you can listen to the voice that goes along with the crazy blog!

I would love to hear about your journey towards figuring out what your minimum effective dose is and what your first domino for it is.

  • My first domino was “I am enough as I am.”

What are your thoughts on fitness in our culture? What does ‘fit’ mean to you and look like in real life? Your life?


The Rosie Project {52 Books}

Sometimes you need to read a book that makes you literally laugh out loud.

Yesterday I had grand intentions to work on my long list of house fixes, clean things, bake things, and be amazing. After the effects of not listening to my body screaming for rest all week and pushing through life until I literally required a five hour nap to recover from my week of stress and life ridiculousness, I threw out all my plans to be productive and dove into The Rosie Project.

  • I parked myself on a patio at Starbucks with an overpriced drink and got reading.
It's a candy bar in a cup and I could care less! Sometimes a girl just needs to let go and get reading.

It’s a candy bar in a cup and I could care less! Sometimes a girl just needs to let go and get reading.

Seventy-six pages in I was laughing out loud and other customers on the patio were giving me strange glances. I couldn’t stop the giggling or guffaws nor did I care that others cared. My attitude would have made Don, the main character, proud since he constantly makes social faux pas and just keeps going.

The Rosie Project.

The storyline of the book follows Don, a genetics professor and researcher who struggles with social interactions, on a journey of growth, self discovery, and surprising love.

A great way to spend an afternoon.

A great way to spend an afternoon. Please note – I don’t always colour coordinate my outfits with the books I am reading. hah!

Diving into the world and brain of someone who has Asperger’s is a window that many of us have never been able to look through. I found the insights and interactions extremely hilarious and telling as I used to manage and work with someone who has Aspergers. Graeme Simsion weaves together a delightful narrative in which laughter, compassion, and social anxiety are never on short supply.

No woman had ever casually, unthinkingly, automatically, written down her phone number, given it to me and said, ‘Call me.‘ I had temporarily been included in a culture that I considered closed to me although it was entirely logical that Rosie should provide me with a means of contacting her, I had an irrational feeling that, when I called, Rosie would realize that she had made some kind of error.

The most disappointing part of the book was the ending.

Already written at a fast clip, the ending leaves you wondering who put the book on fast forward. Pages 304-324 require a bit more storytelling and clarity on what the result of the ‘Father Project‘ was and how the ‘Wife Project‘ successfully transformed into the ‘Rosie Project‘.

If you want to escape into another world for an afternoon or need lighthearted reading for a trip, I highly recommend The Rosie Project. Just prepare yourself to laugh out loud, occasionally snort and roll your eyes, and experience feelings of social discomfort as you travel the world with Don.

  • I’m glad I spent yesterday afternoon with Don and Rosie – an afternoon well spent!

And don’t you know it? There is a sequel which means I am off to put The Rosie Effect on hold at the Edmonton Public Library.

Have you read The Rosie Project? What are your thoughts on Simsion’s storytelling and perspective?

Dear Angry Man In The Silver Impala

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to follow up on our interaction this evening on my commute home.

Your incessant honking and driving up my back wheel while I was safely cycling in the right lane of traffic scared me to death. But then I think that was the point since there was no one in the left lane.

In fact, we were the only two people on the road.

After nearly falling over and almost smashing into the curb due to complete surprise, I recovered and looked for an escape to ride illegally on the sidewalk. You didn’t leave me room to slow down and there was no opening in the curb for me to escape your harassment.  Adrenaline coursed through my veins and I pedalled as fast as womanly possible and geared down to gain as much momentum as possible all while praying for my safety.

I felt trapped and afraid.

Was that your goal? To scare and harrass a 34 year old woman who was on her 9th kilometre of a 10 kilometre commute home?

It must have been since you increased the tension by swerving towards me and nearly clipping me when you decided you had enough of my slow cycling and passed me. I appreciate that you rolled your passenger window down to scream obscenities at me, just in case I wasn’t clear about your feelings in regards to my cycling this evening.

What a contrast you are to the ETS bus driver who stopped next to me at a light to commend me on my cycling in traffic skills and ability to follow the rules of the road. We had a nice chit chat while waiting for our light to turn green and we amicably continued our leapfrogging through traffic, waving as we passed one another.

I have no idea what kind of person harasses a woman on bicycle like you did this evening.

You seem to be a very angry and hateful man.

Perhaps I got in your way enough tonight that you gave me what you were planning on giving your wife or children when you got home.  That my few moments of receiving your anger and hatred will ensure their safety tonight.

Hopefully our experience together is a once in a lifetime event for both of us and that it caught you by surprise. Perhaps you are wondering what caused you to act in such a hateful, violent, and aggressive manner and are searching for the root cause of your actions.

I highly doubt it, but a woman can hope.

You could have seriously injured or even killed me tonight with the way you chose to respond to the sight of me happily cycling along in my pink shirt and awesome biking shorts complete with rubber grip to ensure I get a stupid looking tan from my daily cycling.

Being angry doesn’t release you from the consequence of your action. If we meet again, you had better believe I will be memorizing your licence plate and calling the police.

Consider yourself warned.



Where and who are these people’s mothers?!

One ‘I quit!’, a ‘meh?’, and finally a ‘Hooray!’ {52 Books}

As is probably your experience as well, life is busy.

This past week and a bit after being home from my whirlwind business trip and vacation, I found some pockets of time to read. It has been freakishly hot in my condo so all the work I could be doing on my house – painting baseboards, resealing tiles, and hanging closet doors – has come to a screeching halt.

Instead, I have been reading.

The Goldfinch.

I rarely quit books 550 pages into them.


If I am going to quit a book, it is usually within the first 60 or so pages. I tend to be a bit of a snob when it comes to reading. If I don’t like it and it is boring, I just quit. Who has that much life to invest into a horrible book? This one is a 775 page beast with long descriptions, a rambling story line, and fits and spurts of excitement.

Problems and annoyances abound in this book.

  • It opens with a flashback and then present day doesn’t show up until about page 600. (I tried reading random pages to see what the heck happens.)
  • Character development is low – the main character starts at the age of 8 and doesn’t develop heart, courage, or many abilities throughout the narrative.
  • Mostly a vanilla storyline that has random seconds of excitement which quickly fizzle out.
  • She tells us what to think about people through description and doesn’t let us form our own opinions.
  • Hard to read and I am a good reader.

And many more. Nor am I the only one with this opinion – many share my thoughts on this book.

I think my commentary on social media the other day sums it up nicely.

Not loving this book - dark and twisty but not in the super awesome way and the plot moves like a blindfolded turtle who can't get past the paisley print on his blindfold.

Not loving this book – dark and twisty but not in the super awesome way and the plot moves like a blindfolded turtle who can’t get past the paisley print on his blindfold.

The confirmation that it is a bad book – I still don’t know what happens and surprisingly, I don’t care.

Pulitzer and I disagree and I am fine with it.

The Silkworm.

J.K. Rowlings has written two books under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith. I enjoyed the first one, Cuckoo’s Calling, so when I received the library notice that the second one was waiting for me, I was happy to go pick it up. I dove in and started reading.

silkwormAbout 300 pages in, I realized the formula for the story was eerily similar to the first book in the series. The people, places, and storyline were different but how the crime was figured out and the way it was relayed to the reader came in the same way which unfortunately made me disengage from the book.

Suddenly, I was out of the storyline and sighed as I watched it unfold exactly as the first book did but with different characters and situations.

  • I can almost hear what you’re thinking, “Wow, she’s picky.

My experience with this book is similar to when you figure out that maple glazed donuts and chocolate glazed donuts aren’t very different at all – colour and nuance of flavour in the sugary topping is the only difference and after you’ve eaten them both you’re happy to just have one going forward.

A good Saturday read if you’re sweltering in your condo on a hot summer day and need a distraction from the heat.

The Fault In Our Stars.

I love young adult fiction – a woman can power through a decently sized YA book in just a few hours. I wasn’t too sure about this book due to the hype and buzz around it. I don’t like following trends and was actually repelled by this book since everyone loved it.

Then I started to read it …

fault in our stars

Within the first few pages I found myself literally laughing out loud. I was surprised by the humour, candour, and depth that showed up immediately in the story. It wasn’t the book I thought it was and I found myself encouraged and pushed to think about things I rarely think about.

I read the whole book in one afternoon – it begged to be finished.

  • The plot took twists and turns I didn’t expect and was delightful on many levels.

When I grow up, I want to write books like John Green – unassuming and powerful in their own quirky and humorous way.

It’s been a few weeks of basically no reading, but I am catching up. 1,466 pages in two weeks isn’t horrible – if I can say so myself.

What books are you loving these days? Hating? Could take or leave?

Think Before You Talk {A Skill Worth Learning}

Travel and I don’t always get along. In fact, if you want to have a travel adventure you should just fly with me. Usually it isn’t my fault, but then sometimes it is.

  • This time, I take full responsibility.

Half of July and some of August was filled with attending a leadership conference, visiting family, and recharging my batteries – a much needed refill and relax after one of the most intense, crazy, and hard seasons of my life. Looking back at July 2013 and knowing what I know now, I would have opted to call in sick for the last year if at all possible.

Hanging out with these two happy souls did wonders for my own.

Hanging out with these two happy souls did wonders for me.

Starting out and nearly finishing well.

I made it to San Francisco, Redding, Seattle, Puyallup, Gearhart, and back to Puyallup without any difficulty. Ok, there was the small fiasco during my mom and my’s trip to the Seattle Premium Outlets when I had to go to the bathroom and we were in gridlock on the I-5. By the time we made it to the Walgreens somewhere in Seattle and found the bathroom, I was in a near state of panic.

I was starting to feel claustrophobic and nearly ran down the street to knock on someone’s door and start with “I am from Canada and in Seattle for the day. I like to stay hydrated and this proves to create a problem on the I5 …”

Let’s just say the woman who unlocked the bathroom door for us in Walgreens when my mom declared “My daughter is going to pee her pants! This is an emergency!” was surprised when the girl responding to my mom yelling, “Donloree! Donloree! I found the bathroom!” was 34, not 4 years old.

Needless to say, I don’t fall far from the tree of ridiculousness.

The way home.

I was excited about my direct flight home from Seattle. I love direct flights – an amazing blessing for a woman who crammed all her belongings for two and a half weeks into a carry on and a laptop bag.

This is what I crammed together for two weeks. On the way home I had MORE stuff to put into it. Epic.

This is what I crammed together for two weeks. On the way home I had MORE stuff to put into it. Epic.

Hauling over 50 pounds of ‘carry on’ through multiple airports is quite the workout. Let’s just say I earn my latte on travel days!

There I was, early as heck for my 2:00 pm flight and everything crammed precariously into my bags. In order to zip my roller bag, I literally had to kneel on it and zip it up around myself and then pray the zipper would hold – there was no way I was opening that up for a book to read.

I found myself at one of those multiple gates at one gate location. Eight flights of people were milling about, waiting for their plane to arrive. I procured a piece of floor by a plugin so I could start to whittle away at the 350 emails I had received in the past few weeks.

The wall made a good office chair. I was ready to fight out the emails if only the wifi would work.

The wall made a good office chair. I was ready to fight out the emails if only the wifi would work…

  • As always, the invasive announcement happened without warning.

For those of you on Alaska going direct to Edmonton, we have an overly full plane. We are unable to leave the tarmac unless someone volunteers to take a later flight. Please come see me at the desk if you are interested in helping out.

The following announcements got more desperate and needy as time went on. Those of us going to Edmonton started to drift towards the desk, everyone with a good excuse for why they wouldn’t help with moving the plane from the tarmac to the sky. The group of boy scouts who needed to travel together huddled together nervously, the leader looking at us pleadingly to help.

Traveling alone and with no one waiting for me at the airport since my husband was in Ecuador, I took the plunge. Becoming a hero to a frazzled airport desk clerk and a group of middle school aged boys was my award. Grabbing my voucher, latte, 350 emails, and 50 pounds of carry on I ran for my new gate across the airport. My flight was leaving in 20 minutes and the domino effect of many ridiculous airport encounters was looming.

I hate Vancouver’s policy on international flights.

After going through customs you have to go out of security with all your luggage, check into your next flight, check luggage, go through security, and try to make it on time for your connecting flight. I have done this a few times in Vancouver and every time has been a high intensity workout. I also end up chugging my whole water bottle while in the security line up because I don’t have time to find a place to dump the water out and still make my connection.

  • This particular day I was annoyed about security.

Just four hours ago I had done this exact thing with tears streaming down my face.

Now the only thing on my face was a frown. After, yet again, taking off most of my clothes, finding my iPhone, laptop, and bag of liquids, and putting 5 trays of stuff through the X-ray machine I found myself under deep scrutiny.

Security Agent – What is the mass in your bag? (Holding my roller bag)
Donloree - Mass? What mass? I have no idea. Hmmm … (I thought honesty was the best policy, but if you don’t know what is in your bag suspicion rises quickly.)
Security Agent – You don’t know what is in your bag? Did you pack it?
Donloree – Yes, I packed it.
Security Agent – We are going to have to open it up and see. Come over here with me.
Donloree – Ok, but be careful. It may explode when you do.

No sooner than when the words left my mouth did I realize they weren’t the right words to choose. I merely meant a lot of clothes, underwear, and bras were about to spill out of the bag – not an actual explosion.

A semi-circle of security agents magically appeared.

Donloree – Not explode, explode. Just clothes explode. I had to kneel on it to get it shut. You know what I mean, right?
Supervisor Security Agent – Ma’am, please step over here.
Donloree – I am sorry, wrong words. I am tired. There is nothing in my bag. Well there is a lot of stuff in my bag, but nothing like what you think is in my bag!
Supervisor Security Agent - Please put out your palms and then lift your shirt, we are going to swab you. This is nothing to joke about.
Donloree – I am not joking. I am just tired. BEACH ROCKS! That’s right! I have rocks in there. Is that what you saw? (Looking over, Security Agent #1 was thoroughly looking over every single rock I found on the beach.) Yup, those are them. I went to the beach to visit my brother and his family – hence the rocks.
Supervisor Security Agent – Please stay calm, we are not finished.

Watching a strange man hold up your bra to ensure it is not a bomb is an interesting experience, to say the least. Once security was assured my rocks were rocks and I didn’t have ingredients from mixing up a bomb on my hands or waist, I was free to go.

Fabulous, harmless, and individually inspected by homeland security.

Fabulous, harmless, and individually inspected by homeland security.

Kneeling on my roller bag once again, this time in front of six security agents, I zipped it up and was off to the gate. Well, kind of. It is possible I tripped over my roller bag and dropped my water bottle first.

  • Quiet calm is not a skill I possess. 

Whenever there is some sort of crisis, I immediately move to action to solve it. Oftentimes this creates more crisis and then I take more action – a tornado of ridiculousness starts to form before anyone knows what happened. *sigh*

What can I say? Life is always interesting!

The Not So Straight And Narrow Path Of Your Dreams

People are amazing.

Yesterday morning I sat, listening to someone who is at a fork in the road. Someone who is trying to decide what to do and is willing to take some big, hairy, scary risks to chase down her dreams.

As she talked, I saw shades of myself four and a bit years ago.

Ready to leap into something crazy, new, and adventurous. Ready to let go of what you think you should do and what is safe and go after the dream in your heart that won’t leave you.



In so many ways it seems like yesterday, but four years ago this month, I started my coaching business.

In reality, I had no idea what I was doing but I knew with every fiber of my being that I must do it.

  • Does it look exactly like I thought it would? No.
  • Was it as hard as I thought it would be? Nope – harder.
  • Did everything come together easily and the whole universe conspire to make everything unfold for me? Nope, not at all.
  • Has my definition of success changed? You betcha!
  • Am I happy with my decision? Couldn’t be happier.
  • What has changed? Me. Nearly everything about me.

The straight and narrow path of your dreams.

Here is something most people won’t tell you. When you start down the straight and narrow path of your dream, there are more twists, turns, forks in the road, options, and uphill stretches than you anticipate.

  • They don’t stop coming. You just get better at navigating them. 
Caution - adventure ahead!

Caution – adventure ahead!


My business has taken more twists and turns than I anticipated and it is a journey I am proud of. It turns out my sweet spot is not being Jillian Michaels mixed in with Oprah. Nope, I am Donloree and I have my own thing going, and if I get to be honest, it is rather fabulous.

If you’re standing at the start of a journey and your heart is screaming YES!, then go for it. Embrace the twists, turns, and forks in the road – the journey is helping you become you.

  • Don’t stand there waiting for permission.

Just take it. Go for it. And don’t look back – all your attention is required on what is coming up as you live out your dream. It is going to grow, change, and develop – just like you. It is more than ok, in fact it is what is supposed to happen.

Four years from now, have a story to tell about where you’ve come and how you did it. Take it from a woman who is becoming an expert navigator on the path of living out her dreams — it is so worth it.

Actually, you are worth it.

Tour de France, Here I Come?

As I have already admitted, I love a good challenge.

The other day an email popped up on my little iphone. It was a call to compete –> Join the 2014 Le Tour Challenge – Map My Ride, so of course I clicked on it.

2014 le tour challenge

Competition? Cycling? YES PLEASE! Where does a woman sign up?

It has all of my favourite things involved – biking, competition, community, and free stuff. I still wear the sports bra, shoes, and cute tank that Under Armour sent me. Getting awesome workout clothes and gear in the mail makes my day happy. Heck it makes every day I wear it happy!

  • What can I say? I love getting free, awesome stuff that I would eventually need to buy anyways.

So seeing how there is awesome biking stuff to win, I put ‘Map My Ride’ on my iPhone and started to track my biking adventures in an effort to win.

Map My Ride seems to think I need a yellow jersey.

There is a bug with the app. When I tried it out on Sunday, it only clocked just over 5 minutes of my ride but kept tracking my distance. The app decided I biked at an average of just 38 kph. Not too bad for a solid chick who weighs in at a buck sixty while riding a hybrid bike.

  • This morning was even more hilarious.

The distance got tracked, but like a 4-year-old girl at Disneyland who is distracted by the beautiful princesses walking by, it stopped tracking the time after a mere 5 minutes and 26 seconds. I covered my 10 kms in about 48 minutes – a moderately decent time, but nothing to write home about.

According to my iphone, I averaged just over 110 kph this fine, balmy summer morning. Due to being tired from the office my ride home was less speedy, I only had an average speed of 106.7 kph- embarrassing really!

Wow, I am a superstar!

Wow, I am a superstar!

I am just waiting for the Tour de France to come knocking, after all I think even Lance would be impressed with my cycling speediness.

You better believe I am submitting it to the competition and also trying to figure out what the heck I am doing wrong with the app.

  • Although once I figure it out, I will only get invited to the Tour de Snails.

On second thought, maybe I won’t tell anyone about the glitch. I kinda like appearing to be a superstar road biking chick!

So the question really is, are you going to join in? Don’t you like winning free, awesome stuff while biking at 110 kph?

Heart On My Sleeve

Bravery has commenced.

I just emailed 7 high schools in our city offering my proposal for a leadership / mentorship program for high school girls led by your’s truly.


I do realize teachers and principals are all on vacation, but now is better than never.

For the last three years, I have been hoping and praying someone will come knocking on my door asking me to do this very thing. I have decided to stop standing at the door, peering through the peep hole, trying to see if someone is coming down the hall. These past few weeks I have thrown the door open and I am walking forward with a determined cadence.

It needed a name that a woman named Donloree could be proud of.

Yup, I named it something weird. What can I say? I like unique names!

Yup, I named it something weird. What can I say? I like unique names!

Indelible Leadership helps girls create a legacy worth leaving.

You can’t do well until you know yourself well.

Knowing who you are, accepting it, and living it out changes everything.

Let’s hope at least one of them emails me back to come talk to them. I am feeling hopeful, excited, nervous, and happy.

Dreams become reality one idea, step, action, word, and connection at a time.

What door do you need to kick open? What deserves your determined cadence forward?